Architectural Design

Architectural Design
Natelli Homes is a renowned architectural design firm that specializes in creating exceptional and innovative architectural designs for a wide range of projects.

Our architectural services begin with a complimentary review of the client’s design and budget objectives. Whether a new custom home, large, medium or small renovation, Natelli has a fit for everyone’s objectives. We can guide the design for a project or work with a client’s architecture.

Architectural design might seem daunting, but it can be really quite simple in the right hands.  Our design leader, Tom Hazzard, has decades of experience and makes renovations look like they were a part of the home when it was constructed.  New home design, in some ways, can be easier because we start with a blank sheet of paper.  Tom can effectively guide you down any path of design, from small to large, renovations or new homes.  

In addition to Tom’s design skills, Natelli guides clients through the budget before the design gets too far along.  Merging good design with a client’s budget is our strength.  No surprises, no delays; everything is planned and anticipated within the design and budget.

Natelli Homes' architectural design services have earned them a reputation for excellence and innovation in the industry. Their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional designs, their focus on client satisfaction, and their ability to transform concepts into stunning realities make them the go-to firm for a diverse range of design projects.
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